Hello! I'm ZeroAurora.

A high school student from China Mainland.

Not a programmer currently.

Interests and works

Someone adviced me to write something about my works. However, I just don't have anything to show off. As a student, I don't have much time to spend on computing. So, no works.

Besides computing, I'm really into rhythm games. I'm an active player of the community-driven rhythm game Cytoid and I has contributed some levels to it. Also, I've written some JSON Schemas for Cytoid.

But, it's not a real project, isn't it?

I'm also a co-leader of PhiX, which is a fanmade project of Phigros. But, as the main developer water_lift (a.k.a. AsakuraMizu) is going through a hard time, this project become temporarily abandoned.

In real world, I'm leading the computer club in my school. But unfortunately due to some unavoidable restrictions, we haven't done any public works.

I also have a Bilibili channel, but it is not frequently updated.

A bit more about me

Check back later.

About this website

This website is built using pure HTML and CSS. I also used Spectre CSS framework to build it. I didn't write any code, so there is no license.

If you really want to see its source code, please see the repository. Or just hit F12 (or Ctrl-Shift-I if you prefer).

This HTML file is badly formatted using Prettier. It's great for code but not for hand-written HTML. I should really use a static website generator. Maybe sometime later?

One last thing: I have built my homepage for about 3 times and this should be my forth homepage. It's made on the last day of 2020!